Introducing Sand Cloud – A Cozy Beach Towel

So, I’m totally aware that I’m one of the few native Floridians without a tan. I lived in Boston for about seven years, and during that time, my skin slowly faded to Addams-Family-relative status. Since then, I’ve totally embraced my paleness along with my SPF 50 sunscreen.

Despite my pale skin tone, I still really enjoy time spent outside! I think a lot of people assume that Floridians that live near the beach spend all of their free time there, and sadly, it’s just not true. Many of us probably definitely take the beach for granted, and I’m hoping that changes for my family soon. I do foresee a future of many beach days with my baby girls, because the beach is fun, free, and they love spending time in the water!

I envision being one of those people that can text my girlfriends with “Beach Day?” and we all just head there in our swimsuits with only a towel in tow. However, I’m totally realistic and I’m one of those people that really likes to have every possible thing I could ever need. I know that sounds like a pain, but come hang out at the beach with me and you will never go back to your days of going sans supplies.

So, you can imagine my excitement when Bruno from Sand Cloud sent me one of their fabulous towels with a built-in pillow! I didn’t realize I needed a towel with a built in pillow, but now that I have one – HOW DID I EVER GO TO THE BEACH WITHOUT ONE? The guys at Sand Cloud just launched their Kickstarter for the product and I was more than happy to support their campaign. Watch their video here:

My Sand Cloud is purple and while I haven’t had a chance to test it out at the beach yet, we did take it outside this weekend and put it to use. It’s very lightweight and soft and it can double as a perfect sarong if you need a little more coverage at the beach or at the pool. By supporting the Sand Cloud Kickstarter with $30 you can receive your very own Sand Cloud towel.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you plan on ordering your own Sand Cloud. Also, leave a comment with what your must-have beach item is – I’m always looking for new things to bring on my outdoor excursions!

I received free product from Sand Cloud. All thoughts and opinions regarding the product are my own.

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