Manchester Orchestra at Revolution Live

Manchester Orchestra is my favorite band, so you can imagine just how excited I was to see them this weekend. I think this was my fourth time seeing them, but definitely my favorite time so far!

2014-04-18 23.23.52

I was able to redeem part of a prize I won a couple of years ago and get VIP wristbands for the show. We were so close that it basically felt like we were on stage with the band…and it was awesome. I sent the marketing manager at Revolution Live a thank you card today, because he totally went above and beyond anything I expected and it made my night! I always have a great time at Revolution and this weekend was no exception.

Here’s a photo I found on Instagram where you can sort of see us to the right of the stage. We were so close!!

For their set they played Shake It Out, Pensacola, Pale Black Eye, I Can Barely Breathe, Pride, The Ocean, 100 Dollars, The Mansion, I’ve Got Friends, Colly Strings, Cope, Everything to Nothing, and The River. Their encore included Top Notch, Every Stone, and Simple Math. I’m surprised I had any voice left at all because I was singing along at the top of my lungs the entire time. It was really a great, great show.

Here’s a clip that Ben recorded from the show:

I definitely recommend seeing Manchester Orchestra if they are coming to a city near you. At the very least, you should buy their newest album, Cope.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Ben’s mom is in town visiting, so we had the opportunity to sneak away to the movies last night. Going to the movies together is one of our favorite pasttimes, and we don’t get to do it nearly as often now that we have the girls. We still watch plenty of movies, thanks to HBO, Amazon, and Netflix, but it’s just not the same as it is in the theater!

Wes Anderson is one of my very favorite filmmakers. His original and idiosyncractic style is so charming to me. After a second viewing, I’m pretty sure that The Grand Budapest Hotel will be among my top favorites of his. The Grand Budapest Hotel is a film that revolves around the adventures of the charismatic concierge of The Grand Budapest Hotel, M. Gustave, played by Ralph Fiennes, and his dear friend and lobby boy, Zero, played by Tony Revolori. You can see the trailer here:

If you are a fan of Wes Anderson’s signature style, then this movie was made for you; it’s Wes Anderson to the extreme! I throroughly enjoyed the movie, the beautiful scenes, symmetric shots, and delightful characters. Ralph Fiennes was impeccable and Adrien Brody was a great villain! Love, love, love!

DOC Band Results

Woohoo! Today was Sunshine’s last day wearing her DOC Band! She wore it for a total of nine weeks. Tomorrow is her last day of physical therapy for her torticollis. We are making progress!

Overall, we are very happy with the results that we’ve seen with the DOC Band. Her head isn’t “perfect” but it’s noticeably better to us and her numbers are in the very normal range for almost all of her measurements. She still has a slight flat spot on the back of her head, but with all of her hair, you can’t even tell. Her ears are still slightly asymmetrical, but still not really noticeable.

We’ve also seen a huge improvement in her torticollis. She definitely still has a lot of tightness in her neck, but between physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, and stretches and strenghtening exercises at home, we’ve seen her improve by leaps and bounds. We will continue doing her stretches and neck massages at home as well as continue her chiropractic care. It’s not uncommon for torticollis to flare back up throughout their first year, so we want to keep her neck as mobile as possible.

Below I’ve shared some of her before/after DOC Band images as well as a before/after real life photo. In the real photo it’s difficult to see any changes of head shape, but I think you can see how her neck has gotten stronger and eliminated a lot of her tilt. I realize in a lot of my photos I try to get her with a straight head in the first place, so it’s not always easy showing improvement photos in terms of neck tilt. I see a huge difference when I watch videos of her from a few months ago compared to now.


If you’re dealing with plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, and/or torticollis, I hope this has given you a little glimmer of hope. It gets better!